Webinar Recording Now Available! More than Oral Care – Let’s Talk Oral Infection Control

By: Karen Sheffler

February 7, 2020

Download FREE webinar: https://swallowingdisorderfoundation.com/webinar-oral-care/ on Oral Infection Control.

Learn why #oralinfectioncontrol is more than #oralcare & comfort. Of course, we are always deeply concerned with the comfort of people while in healthcare institutions, AND now we need to view cleaning their mouth (#oralhealth) as much more! It is an infection control issue, as well as medical and ethical issues. We need to make oral health a top priority. Poor oral health has been a long under-evaluated and under-treated medical condition. To underscore that point, only 4% of our webinar participants on March 25, 2021 felt that the people they serve were receiving adequate oral cleaning! In this webinar, I share 50 years of research to support this oral health revolution that we need in medicine today. We need good mechanical deriding and brushing with suction toothbrushes (not swabs), and we also need to bring #dentistry back into healthcare facilities (#dentalhygienists).
I show how to start improving the evaluation and treatment of poor oral health. Decontamination of oral pathogens from the oral cavity can help restore a healthy #oralmicrobiome, improve the saliva’s immune properties, restore saliva’s ability to aide in the ease of swallowing, and PREVENT aspiration pneumonia and other medical issues. The time for change is now!