Presenting at ASHA2023 on Litigation Mitigation!

By: Karen Sheffler

December 4, 2023

Karen presented with her acute care colleague, Ana Garrido White, at ASHA in November, 2023 in Boston.

Ana shared from the heart about how she used to really worry about litigation in her dysphagia practice, even when she knew she was practicing within acceptable standards. After talking with Karen about all the ways to practice well and document thoroughly, she now has reduced fear and does not practice defensively or overly conservatively. She and the audience learned that when we practice with a person-centered and evidence-based approach, along with communicating well and documenting details, we don’t have to fear litigation. Karen and Ana turned this experience into a very well received 1 hour presentation for SLPs at ASHA.

Let us know if we can do the same for your organization!