Quick Link to Lab Values for Dysphagia

By: Karen Sheffler

October 22, 2015

Quick Link to Lab Values – Chart & Blogs

by Karen Sheffler, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S of SwallowStudy.com

Performing a thorough and holistic dysphagia assessment requires digging through the medical record. The busy clinician needs quick access to resources, like this quick link to lab values that may indicate high risk. (Click here for prior blog on medical record review: 7 Clues in the Medical Record to Discover Dysphagia).

You may uncover lab assessments that are concerning. Lab values reflect a patient’s mental status, nutritional status, and overall ability to fight off an infection. Does your patient already have a bacterial infection? How cautious should you be? (See prior blog discussing these lab assessments for dysphagia evaluations: Critical Lab Values in Dysphagia.)

Do you need a quick reference chart of lab values for your dysphagia evaluation?

Click on this link below and print out the chart (free pdf).

 Quick Link to lab values for dysphagia

“I used this handy chart to check the lab values that may pertain to our dysphagia evaluation.”

Please use the comment sections here or in the lab blog noted above to add lab values you find useful.