Online Dysphagia Seminars at Summit Education

By: Karen Sheffler

February 7, 2020

Karen provided live one-day seminars on dysphagia for Summit Professional Education in New Jersey, Minnesota, and New York in 2018.

The course is now available online at Summit Professional Education. Course title: What Every Therapist Needs to Know About Dysphagia: Swallowing Screening, Evaluation, & Treatment to Maximize Safety & Quality of Life.

It is at the intermediate level and is a broad-sweep across the field, including: why to be concerned about dysphagia, why and how to advocate for your patients, screening, evaluation, treatment, palliative care/ethical considerations, IDDSI and more. It is designed for SLPs of all experience levels who need to make sure they have the latest evidence-based practices and resources. Karen and Summit encourage OTs and PTs to attend as well for excellent interdisciplinary care. Please notify Summit Education if you have a group interested in a live seminar near you.

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